Our Success Stories


Name of the patient: MASTER MAWULORM MORTEY
Month of visit: October 2009
Treatment: Cardiac Surgery

Before coming here, we were worried that how our child will be cured from this disease and who will guide us for the best and affordable treatment. Heal ‘&’ Bliss showed us a ray of hope and held our hand in the most difficult time of ours. They treated our child as their child and made us feel very comfortable. I am very thankful to Heal ‘&’ Bliss.

Happy Moments

MR. ABED NYAMPONG (47 year old)

Name of the patient: ABEDNEGO NYAMPONG
Country: Ghana
Month of visit: October 2007
Treatment: Vitreoretinal Surgery

He had a problem of blurred vision . His Retina specialist in Ghana suggested him to visit India for treatment.

Heal '&' Bliss is like a god in my life as they took me out of pain which I was bearing from many years. Before coming here I had a severe headache and extreme vision problem but now my vision is clear, my headache is also fine and all this is because of Heal '&' Bliss. Here in India, they made me feel like home. Heal '&' Bliss provided me the best of its services which were beyond my expectations.

Bubacarr Chatty (13 year old)

Name of the patient: MR. BUBACARR CHATTY
Country: The Gambia
Month of visit: June 2010
Treatment: Pericardial Tuberculosis

Thirteen year old Bubacarr Chatty, an attacking mid – fielder for Steve Biko Youth Team, was suffering from 'Tubercular Constrictive - Pericarditis.

In the journey from the extreme pain to the extreme relief, Heal '&' Bliss was my only companion. I had left the hope of getting cured from my disease, but then Heal '&' bliss grabbed me and said don't worry we will take you out of this curse. Football is my life and because of this disease I couldn't play it, but now after the treatment I can go back to the football ground. They are the one who gave me my smile back.


Name of the patient: MRS. ELLEN ADUKE OCANSEY
Country: Ghana
Month of visit: September 2010
Treatment: Spinal Surgery

She had some spine problem from the last 5 years along with chronic constipation.

I am extremely happy with Heal '&' Bliss people. All the activities, be it fixing appointment with doctors, giving medicines on time, what food is suitable for me, everything was taken care by Heal '&' Bliss. The most touching moment for me here was, when they celebrated my birthday and dint let me feel that I am away from my home.


Name of the patient: JONATHAN ASANTE
Country: Ghana
Month of visit: October 2009
Treatment: Vitero Retinal Surgery

I am extremely happy that I chose Heal ‘&’ Bliss for my treatment, as their love and affection was the most useful medicine for me.

MR. Vector Gareng Deng Yel

Name of the patient: MR. Vector Gareng Deng Yel
Country: Sudan
Month of visit: November 2011
Treatment: IVFy

She had some spine problem from the last 5 years along with chronic constipation.

Heal ‘&’ Bliss is a very sincere company having tie-ups with the highly esteemed and state-of-art hospitals. They are integral and can handle patients very well. In India, state-of-art medical facilities are available which are equal to the facilities found all over the world. I felt very happy after the treatment when I came to know, that my wife is pregnant and that too just within 30 to 40 days of our treatment.

Dr. SALVADOR JAJA (49 year old)

Name of the patient: Dr. SALVADOR JAJA
Country: Sudan
Month of visit: February 2010
Treatment: EPS & RF Ablation Treatment

It would be very very difficult for me to come to India and get myself treated with best of technology, by best of doctors and all of it at best cost, but Heal '&' Bliss simplified this complex task and took all my worries on their head and gave me a happy life back.

Mr. Mor Ndiaye

Name of the patient: Mr. Mor Ndiaye
Country: Senegal
Month of visit: 18, March, 2012
Treatment: Spinal Surgery

 I am very thankful to Heal ‘&’ Bliss, because they filled colours in my life again. They dint let me feel alone at all and were extremely caring. Before the surgery I was totally paralyzed but just after the surgery an unbelievable sensation was there in my lower limb. I will be coming back after sometime for rehabilitation.  

Dr. Samuel Forsen

Name of the patient: Dr. Samuel Forsen
Country: Ghana
Month of visit: June 2012
Treatment: Laminetomy with disectomy with pedicle screw fixation of vertebral

They are extremely benevolent and caring. Being a doctor I am very cautious about hygiene level so was worried about this before coming here but their dedicated staffs provided me the satisfying hygiene level.  They made my treatment enjoyable and I can never imagine that a medical operation can be so pleasurable. “Love you Heal ‘&’ Bliss”.

Dawda Camara

Name of the patient: Dawda Camra
Country: Gambia
Month of visit: June 2012
Treatment: Decompression and stem cell implantation with bone substitute

On behalf of the Gambia Government, The Gambia Armed Forces and on our own behalf LT. MOMODOU JARJU and CPL DAWDA CAMARA, we most express and extend our warm and deepest heartfelt commendation and appreciation to Heal & Bliss company for rendering us the utmost and highest support in terms of medical, physical and psychological support during our short time stay with you. 

Ambrose oruche

Name of the patient: Ambrose oruche
Country: Nigeria
Month of visit: June 2012
Treatment: eye consultation

while my visit to India, I felt very tired and lethargic which is usually not a case with me, there was a burning sensation in my eyes and my vision was getting blurred, so I wanted to seek a doctor, but being new to the country I was jittery about which doctor should I consult. This problem of mine was solved by dedicated staff of Heal '&' Bliss, they got me treated by an eminent doctor and a refreshing energy was inculcated in me by their services.