Why Heal'&'Bliss


1. We facilitate procurement of medical visas from the Indian High Commission for the patient's country of origin.

2. End to end tailor-made arrangements for facilitation of patients treatment and stay are done.

3. We have selected specialist consultants in every medical specialty whom we patronize and they would be the best.

4. Our nodal centers in all countries assist and take a follow up of the patient when they are back.

5. We provide estimated costs of treatment, stay and facilitation before arrival of patients.

6. We provide state-of-the-art Healthcare services.


1. A dedicated healthcare executive coordinates & ensures all arrangements are done properly.

2. The executive interacts with the doctor & patient for his proper treatment at the hospital.

Heal '&' Bliss arranges the following schedule for the patients:


1. Receive queries of the patients, to be referred for treatment in India (via email/fax/post) from patients/ Physicians/ Nodal representatives.

2. Our Medical Advisory Board analyzes patient's reports & consults our specialized consultants to recommend best available options of treatment & hospital.

3. Adequate information is provided regarding the estimated cost of treatment and duration of stay before & after surgery.

4. Patient informs the date of arrival, ensures to bring all medical reports and documents in original.


Arrival: Patient is received at the airport and assisted by our executive and taken to the hospital or to the place of accommodation.

Consultation & Admission: Heal & Bliss arranges for pre-consultation with doctor, admission, treatment and stay of the patient and accompanying person in the hospital.

During Treatment: Our executive liaisons with the hospital and doctor for any requirement of the patient and interaction with the doctor/consultant & patient.

Post Discharge: Heal '&' Bliss executive arranges all follow-up visits as well accompanies the patient to the consultant for treatment.

Professionally trained attendant or nursing staff can be arranged at the place of accommodation, if necessary.

In case actual cost of treatment exceeds the estimated cost, Heal '&' Bliss would coordinate for extra funds through its nodal center from the patient's native country.


1. Before departure of the patient to his country, all copies of the discharge-notes, investigations, treatment advice, follow-up steps, adequate medicines will be arranged for the patient.

2.Comprehensive note of the treatment undergone and the follow up treatment to be conducted for the referring doctor, hospital or nodal center are also given to the patient.

3. In every three months, Heal '&' Bliss contacts the patient for all the developments and progress in order to keep the treating doctor informed.