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Heal & Bliss Medical Tourism (A Unit of Springboard Enterprises India Ltd.)

Heal & Bliss aim at providing world class Healthcare and Medical Tourism

Heal & Bliss Medical Tourism (A Unit of Springboard Enterprises India Ltd.) aim at providing world class Healthcare and Medical Tourism

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"Heal '&' Bliss extends a gesture of love and warmth to everyone seeking healthcare in India"

Facilitating personalized healthcare, it indeed gives us sheer bliss to share with you what we at Heal '&' Bliss can offer.

  • "Which hospital and which doctor is best for my treatment?"
  • "What legal formalities do I need to go through for currency transfer?"
  • "Can there be any unforeseen medical expenses?"
  • "How would my post treatment follow up done?"
  • "Where would I be staying?"
  • "How would I travel?"
  • "How would my doctor appointment be fixed?"
  • "Would there be any waiting list for me?"

These are a few queries that an international patient always has in mind when he or she travels to another country. Our medical advisory board comprising of the most experienced doctors identifies the best possible options for the finest medical services. As we all know that life cannot be measured in terms of money, our efforts are directed by not only providing unparalleled service quality, but also the most cost-effective modern and safe medical tourism facilities. Thereby, promoting Medical Tourism between India and Africa, we, at Heal '&' Bliss offers end-to-end tailor made arrangements from airport pick up & drop & pre-fixed doctor appointments with no waiting list of surgeries.

The foundation of Heal '&' Bliss were laid in the year 1972 in Accra, Ghana, where Dr. J.C. Sobti, M.B.B.S., DCH, Pediatrician, and Dr. Sudesh Sobti, M.B.B.S., General Physician, parents of Kirit Sobti (Trustee of LESDEP Foundation), had aided Africans as medical doctors for over 7 years & since then they have developed long standing relationships with many African nationals & African embassies in India. As a consequence of their stay, their strength lies in the deep knowledge & understanding of the people in Africa.

We sympathize with your emotional requirements as a patient and are devoted to take immense care of the patient's privacy, hygiene and security in India and beyond.

We value your trust and confidence in us ,We understand that if you are coming miles away from your home and your family, you are extremely troubled from your disease; keeping this in mind we perform the complex task of arranging best doctors, best treatment, best medication, and best facilities for you to throw the virus away from you forever. This will bring a sparkling smile on your face, your family's face and our face. We know that when you suffer, your family suffers more than you, the tears in your eyes flow from their eyes. So we are here to take those tears from the eyes of your loved ones, by bringing your life out of pain. We believe that love is the biggest medicine for all ailments; therefore we are extremely affectionate towards our patients.

"Heal '&' Bliss, healing your pains to give you a blissful life"


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